Vol. 3, Magic Fist Warrior (20 cards) Remake version

This work is produced with the permission of the confectionery manufacturer Sugimoto-ya.


This is a remake by Zineen of "Demon Fist Warrior" released by Sugimoto-ya in the 80s. The story of "Demon Fist Warrior" at that time was about the war between the Fingerlo Empire army and the Demon Hand army, and was released until the second volume. This time we are remaking it as a continuation of the third installment.

◆About the mirror aluminum material

The materials and patterns are almost the same as in the 80s. <We have tried to make the materials and patterns almost the same as in the 80's. The mirror aluminum material is a high-grade material that reflects like a mirror, so it is more expensive than ordinary aluminum stickers.

◆Remake missing numbers from those days.

In the 80's, the "Magic Fist Warriors" did not release the Finger Lobster Army (positive -9) due to a missing number. In this remake, we have also produced the missing number. The other characters are a continuation from the second version, so this is the third numbering.

◆Detailed data
Size: approx. 4.8 cm (length and width) handmade production
Material: Mirror aluminum (gold and silver) & silver glitter prism
Medium: stickers

→【Magic Hand Empire Army
Evil 28 - Shimakura Chokiko
Evil 29 - Goole!
Evil 30 - Shoku Paan
Evil 31 - Goo Regiment
Evil 32 - Gooliphon
Evil 33 - Chokiramma
Evil 33 - Chokiramma
Evil 34 - Part timer
Evil 35 - Demon Fist Hermit

→[Fingalo Empire Army
29 - Goolcosamine
30 - Ikariya Chokisuke
31 - Ninja Partori-kun
32 - Gud
33 - Harg, the Choki Man
34 - Pardus Hilton
35 - Magic Sword Warrior

Monk 08 - Show with icon
Monk 09 - Postman
Monk 10 - Look away!
Monk 11 -Declaration of the Monk

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