Vol. 1 [Jankenpo] (9 pieces)

◆The first set (9 pieces)
Gummy (blue prism)
Sun Woo Goo (gold aluminum)
Picture Goo (Normal)
Chokin' Passbook (Black Prism)
Bulletproof Choki (Silver Aluminum)
Chokirin (Normal)
Perma (Yellow Prism)
Parsley (Green Aluminum)
Parippi (Normal)

Size: approx. 4.8cm (length and width) handmade production
Standard: stickers & cards

In order to determine the best rock-paper-scissors (fist) user, the Guchokipper schools have started a three-way martial arts tournament! Which school will win?

◆How to play...
How to play In this game, you'll be able to play against other players by calling out "Jankenpo! If you win, you get the other player. Aiko has one more round!

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