Vol.1 [Akko-chan in the Mirror] (Complete) 25 pieces in total.

Akko-chan in the Mirror (Card Sticker)
Size (approx. 4.7cm x 4.7cm)

In the 80's, there was a girl's version of Bikkuriman called "Bikkuriko" released. So I decided to make a toy with a girl as the main character, and it was born.

The illustrations are based on the rule that all the characters have the same pose, and only the parts change. This is because the theme of the work is mirrors.

For example, "AKKO" and "AKUKON" both have their hands outstretched to par, and their poses are identical.

There are two versions, Kira Prism (card or sticker) and normal card, and the numbering is in Japanese syllabary rather than numbers.

◆How to play
The reason why the characters on the demon side are reversed is because it is a gimmick that allows you to read the characters when you match the "mirror stickers" to the demon side, expressing that you have entered a mirror world.

A mirror absorbs your malice and reflects the image of a reversed demon. Can the chosen "Mirror Girls" use their magic mirrors to enter the mirror world and defeat the "Mirror Goblins"?

Akko (Normal & Silver Prefectures & Special Prefectures)
Ikko (Normal & Silver Prep & Special Prep)
Ukko (Normal & Silver Prep & Special Prep)
Ekko (Normal & Silver Prep & Special Prep)
Akcon (Normal & Silver Supplement & Special Supplement)
Ikkon (Normal & Silver Prep. & Special Prep.)
Ukon (Normal & Silver Supplement & Special Supplement)
Eckkon (Normal, Silver Precious and Special Precious)
Mirror Stickers

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