Vol.2 [Akko-chan in the Mirror] (Complete) 19 pieces in total.

Material: stickers (mirror stickers, special aluminum, rainbow mirror, prism, rainbow prism, transparent double stickers, etc.)

Size (approx. 4.8cm x 4.8cm)

Transparent stickers are not removed.

◆How to play
I possessed "Akko = bad boy" that I put the heart on the character "Akko = ako". (Akko is a transparent sticker with a prismatic base that can be attached to Akko. The equipment of the "inverted demons" defeated in the first game is turned into "armed stickers (transparent)", which can be attached to Akko and Ekko to arm them. When all of them are armed, the "Mirror Goddess Okko" can be summoned.

A girl is born armed with the power to kill reversible demons! But, but, but... A bad heart has taken hold and turned her into "Akko = bad girl"? You'll have to use the mirror to separate Akko and summon the Goddess of Mirrors!

Mirror A: Akko's version (mirror stickers)
This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
Armed version of "Akko" (special aluminum peach, W sticker)
Armed version of "Ikko" (special aluminum blue, W sticker)
Armed version of Ukko (special aluminum green with W seals)
Armed version of Ekko (special aluminum, purple, W sticker)
Akcon possessed version of "Bad Boy" (red prefix, W sticker)
Okko, the mirror goddess (rainbow mirror)
Okko, the Mirror Goddess (Rainbow Prism)

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